PG&E is pleased to announce the
Fall 2013 Bright Ideas Grant Winners!

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is pleased to launch the seventh year of the PG&E program in partnership with The NEED Project. This program helps schools in the PG&E service area access resources to enhance the classroom experience, teach students about solar power and energy resources and receive the training necessary to teach about solar energy in the classroom.

2014 Applications Now Open!
Bright Ideas Grants!
 In 2014, PG&E has made up to $250,000 available for the Bright Ideas Grant Program.  Grant applications are due November 1, 2014. Grants will be selected and schools notified in January 2015.

To apply, complete the Online Application.  Apply TODAY! 

This program is funded by a grant from PG&E.  In partnership with NEED and the Foundation for Environmental Education, PG&E has developed a program that assists local public schools with energy resources, energy project grants, and supports local teachers with a specialized curriculum-all at no cost to the school. Program components include:

School Solar Installations

Over 120 schools have the PG&E "Solar on a Stick" photovoltaic installations.  Web-based data allows schools worldwide to learn about solar from these systems.  The Foundation for Environmental Education works with schools to make their projects a great success. 

Teacher Workshops- Check back later for workshops.

PG&E provides funding to allow teachers to attend PG&E Solar Schools workshops and to receive NEED classroom kits and curriculum. These one-day workshops provide instruction and background to teachers, allow for networking, and prepare participants to return to their classrooms with the tools and knowledge to teach about solar energy and other energy sources and topics as well. 

The PG&E Solar Schools Guide has lessons and research activities for schools to utilize the solar installations near them and throughout the PG&E Solar Schools network.